• In the last recent years, Greece is like a boiling cauldron. The increasing social tension because of soaring public debt and injustices against people (Covid19, layoffs-unemployment, wage freeze -inflation etc), is the spark that will light the fire. The world has already reached its limits and has thousands of reasons to get out on the road constantly preparing new and terrible insurrectionary explosions with respect in Covid 19 pandemic.
  • The uprising of people is not only barricades on the streets. When the people revolt spontaneously, because they can not stand the situation of exploitation, the events become visible: clashes in the streets, assaults against police, destruction of capital symbols. State's repression is increasing, social reactions dealt exclusively with the expansion of state agreesion, with the militarization of police departments, creation of new units with the sole mission of commando operation in terms of cruel violence against anyone being targeted as a potential internal enemy. 

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