I deal professionally with photography since 2004 and i am graduate of D.I.E.K of Volos in specialty technician picture taken. I have worked in photographic press agencies and newspapers of Thessaloniki and Larissa, covering political, social and sporting events. Now i am working as a full time freelance photographer and i am a contributor to a variety of international publishers. The last years i specialize in immigration crisis but all the social matters are extreme interesting for me. My base is in Thessaloniki and i take over assignments in Thessaloniki, Greece and rest of the Europe.

Now i'am working on the "Crossroads" workshop that started for bringing together Greeks and people on the move around photography.  It's a volunteer-run project proves itself to be successful in addressing the ever changing needs of the refugee community in Northern Greece. This project is about providing a stable artistic activity, but also fostering integration and empowering the voiceless.

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